What is the BioMat?
The Bio-Mat is a unique medical device, using Nobel Prize winning science, which combines Far Infrared Rays (FIR), Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystals to produce deep penetrating light energy and heat for a maximum sense of well being and healing experience.

What happens on the BioMat?
While resting on the BioMat you are receiving a molecular level massage, increased blood & lymph circulation, maximized enzyme activity, superior detoxification and decreased acidity for more beneficial ph balance in the body.

What are some other benefits?
Other benefits include boosted immune function, rejuvenation of skin, reduction of stress, fatigue, pain & swelling, balancing metabolism and weight loss, elevated energy and vitality along with an increased, deep, delta state of relaxation. The BioMat can be used to achieve the benefits of a sauna, allowing more customized temperature regulation without the hazards of heating the head or the negative EMF exposure in traditional saunas or heating devices.

Why is the BioMat filled with Amethyst?
The Amethyst Crystals produce the highest frequency of vibrational energy that the body can absorb, thereby promoting increased conduction and absorbtion of FIR and Negative Ions. The BioMat represents the highest quality and comfort in a portable pad suitable for your home or clinic setting.

The BioMat has been approved by the FDA as a medical device and is technology developed and used by NASA. Find out more and see a detailed video presentation by connecting to their website at http://kmcarter.biomatnetwork.com.

For a free 15-minute session on the BioMat, to schedule a full session, or to purchase your own BioMat, contact me at the phone number appearing on each page of this website.

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